These Personality Questions Will Help Us Guess Your Eye Color

Teresa McGlothlin

Do you prefer coffee or tea?

Which of your traits is the strongest?

Would your friend say you are talkative?

Do you consider yourself easily angered?

Which issue is most important to you?

Which group did you belong to in high school?

Are you a risk taker?

Which word best describes your current relationship?

Which outdoor event would you rather attend?

Which of the elements do you relate to the most?

Are you more spiritually inclined or more religious?

What trait do you admire most in others?

Do you worry a lot?

What would be your job in a hospital?

Which social media platform do you use most?

Do you check your horoscope?

What percent high-maintenance are you?

Are you artistically inclined?

Are you more outgoing or shy?

Do you get up with the chickens?

How would you describe your driving?

Are you more of a hunter or a gatherer?

Which mythical creature do you find most fascinating?

If you saw a turtle in the road, what would you do?

Which time of year do you like most?

What do you like to do at parties?

How would your best friend describe your sense of style?

What kind of music soothes you?

How do you feel about Valentine's Day?

Which thing are you most afraid of?

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Image: Nina Sinitskaya/Moment Open/Getty Images

About This Quiz

If you haven't heard the news, let us fill you in. Your personality gets a lot of its traits from your eye color! How do we know this? Let's just say that our scientific team of writers has been on the case for years figuring out personalities. In fact, we're sure that once you tell us about your personality, our eye color expertise will be so accurate, it will bring a tear to your eye.

When you think about the color blue, what do you see? Do you see the ocean or do you see the sky? Now, think about the color brown. It is earthy and warm, right? As you answer your personality questions, keep this line of thinking in mind. Every answer you give us will lead us one step closer to figuring out what color eyes look back at you. 

Throughout this quiz, we are going to focus on the traits and characteristics that make you who you are. Once we get a general vibe of your overall being, we will relate the things we've learned to the eye color we think you have. Will we get it right, or will you leave our blue eyes crying in the rain? Let's find out!

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