Quiz: A Flintstones Quiz for the True Caveman in You!
A Flintstones Quiz for the True Caveman in You!
By: Gavin Thagard
Image: Hanna-Barbera Productions Screen Gems Television

About This Quiz

If you can yabba-dabba-doo with the best of them, take this quiz to test your stone age knowledge.

Never intending to be a realistic depiction of life in the stone age (duh!), the Flintstones were more like a modern stone age family... hey, isn't that what the theme song says? The series was a fictionalized portrayal of life in the "real" world, with struggles that included work, relationships, and finances... albeit in a way that was definitely not so serious. 

The Flintstones remains a popular television show - so popular, in fact, that Seth McFarlane ("Family Guy" and "American Dad"!) was looking into reviving the show in 2011. Unfortunately, McFarlane's golden touch did not extend to the Flinstones reboot, and he abandoned the project in 2013. We can still dream...

The series featured the voices of such comedic greats as Mel Blanc (Barney Rubble and Dino), Harvey Korman (The Great Gazoo), and Alan Reed (Fred Flintstone). The show spawned several spin-off series', none of which were particularly successful. However, the 1994 live-action film starring John Goodman as Fred, Rick Moranis as Barney, Elizabeth Perkins as Wilma, and Rosie O'Donnell as Betty was relatively successful. A successive live-action film, in 2000, was a bomb.

Ready to revisit Bedrock? Let's get started.

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Who is Fred's wife?
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Who is Fred's neighbor?
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What's Barney's last name?
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What color is Betty's dress?
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What is Dino?
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Who is Pebble's dad?
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Who is adopted?
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What kind of cat do the Flintstones have?
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Who is Fred's boss?
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What town do the Flintstones live in?
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How are the cars powered?
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What does Hoppy look like?
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What kind of humans are the characters?
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What color is Wilma's hair?
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What is the only thing Bamm-Bamm says?
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What's Fred known for yelling?
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What does Bamm-Bamm carry around?
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What does Pebbles wear in her hair?
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Who does Bamm-Bamm marry?
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What color is the Great Gazoo?
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What does the Great Gazoo call Fred and Barney?
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Whose first name constantly changes in the show?
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Who is the paper boy?
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Who is Wilma's mother?
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Who is Barney's mother?
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What is Fred's race driving name?
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Who does Fred make disappear in "Hot Lips Hannigan?"
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Who is Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm's daughter?
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Who is Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm's son?
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What does Barney invent in "the Flintstone Flyer?"
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Whose house must Fred stay in to obtain their fortune?
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Who comes to live with Fred after threatening to jump off a bridge?
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