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One of the most exciting, and of course dangerous, branches of sport is air sport. Even the best trained and equipped professional has to be aware of the things that can go wrong in air sports. Take this quiz and learn more about how to avoid things that sometimes do go wrong.

Which body governs air sports?

The Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI) governs air sports and aeronautical records.

How many disciplines of air sports are regulated by the organization?

There are 10 disciplines governed by the FAI and wingsuit flying, which is not covered.

When did air sports first begin?

They began at the turn of the 20th century soon after the invention of flight.

In modern parachuting, what is the scariest thing that can happen?

Parachute malfunction is in all probability the scariest thing that can happen.

What is the usual cause of parachute malfunction?

Parachute malfunction can result from bad packing, faulty equipment or human error.

How can you avoid parachute malfunction?

Other than checking and packing the parachute yourself, if you're qualified, all you can do is to follow the rules and familiarize yourself with emergency procedures.

What could go wrong after your canopy opens and you float downwards?

Sudden strong winds can blow you off course and into danger or a navigation error can cause you to get lost after landing.

What are considered basic survival items?

Apart from water, you should have a GPS, compass, map and cellphone.

What can you do in the event of engine failure in a single-engine aircraft?

Usually, the only thing to do is to attempt an emergency landing.

Is there any way to prevent engine failure?

The best you can do is ensure proper maintenance and be alert for any warning signs.

What is one of the leading causes of skydiving fatalities?

Midair collisions are one of the main causes of fatalities -- either with stationary objects or other skydivers.

What ground obstacle is the greatest threat to low flying pilots?

Power lines and pylons are the main threats.

If you are prone to blackouts, how do you prepare for skydiving?

People prone to blackouts should not be skydiving, because of the danger involved.

What is a common problem in many air sports?

Torn straps are a common and often disastrous problem.

Why is education especially important in air sports?

Learning about the terrain you will be flying over can help you avoid disaster when landing, especially if the landing is not where you had planned.

Can deaths and injuries be prevented by stricter regulations and rules?

The problem is not regulatory but misinformed individuals or those who choose not to obey the rules.

What factor needs to be checked before flight?

You need to check the weather report carefully.

How dangerous is bad weather to modern light aircraft?

It can be deadly, no matter whether lightning, fog or heavy rain.

Apart from parachuting of all types, how else can falling be a problem for those engaged in air sports?

Every year a few people fall out of balloons when they lean over the side.

How critical is landing well?

Most skydiving fatalities are caused by incorrect or hard landings.

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