Quiz: Think You Can Ace This Tricky IQ Test?
Think You Can Ace This Tricky IQ Test?
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: shutterstock

About This Quiz

The average human IQ or intelligence quotient is 100. Anything over 140 makes you a genius and anything under 80 means you probably ought to have an adviser beside you any time you're making a major life decision.

IQ isn't the be-all or end-all of human smarts: It doesn't measure emotional intelligence or whether you're a nice person. It's also often accused of bias, as it favors certain cultural perspectives and types of educations that are more likely to be accessible to people from certain nationalities, family backgrounds, and subcultures. It's also malleable: You can study up on how to do well at IQ tests, and improve. You can also improve your IQ by spending your early childhood in culturally enriched environments with lots of books and adults who have time to talk to you (hardly a choice many get to make), and also by being around smart people, reading a lot, and getting good nutrition and plenty of sleep (not all of which are possible, but one can try).

That said, as long as you treat it as merely one slightly woolly fact about yourself and not the sum total of who you are, it's lots of fun to see if yours is high or low.  If you score 22, you're about average, 25 is good, 30 is very high, and anything over 32 is probably genius. So let's see how you do!

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