Quiz: Think You Know Basic German Words? Viel Glück!
Think You Know Basic German Words? Viel Glück!
By: John Miller
Image: shutterstock

About This Quiz

If you’re planning to visit Europe, you’ll almost certainly run into some German-speaking people during your travels. Knowing a few fundamental German words and phrases is the difference between looking like a gewinner (winner) or a verlierer (loser). Do you know your basic German language?

We’ll review some of the words that make up the foundation of German. “Danke” and “Deutsche” are rather important. You’ll also want to know those phrases that express gratitude and thanks, as they’ll make you seem less like an overbearing American and more like a gracious visitor. And if all of your language practice seems futile, just remember this one: “Ich spreche nicht gut Deutsch.” 

Can you count in German? “Null” is, of course, zero. “Eins” is one, and “zwei” is two. Can you finish counting to 10 in this common language? Or will you be stuck with the “zwei” “nummers” we just gave to you?

Individual words are great, but they’re often useless unless you put them together in phrases. We’ll review phrases like “Es tut mir leid” (I’m sorry), too. Take our basic German quiz now! Soon, you’ll be cruising down the autobahn without “eine Sorge in der Welt” (a care in the world).

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