Quiz: Think You'd Do Well on the GRE? Take This Quiz!
Think You'd Do Well on the GRE? Take This Quiz!
By: Tasha Moore
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About This Quiz

This quiz is great prep for the Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) test. Here you will find an array of GRE questions, types like text completion, sentence equivalence, quantitative comparison, numeric entry and problem solving. This test is a smart way to brush up on your graduate vocabulary and logic skills.

Our digital test-taking format is better than the ink-and-paper practice sets, as the GRE is currently a computer-based test. But in case you were wondering, the question types are the same in both formats. The three main parts of the GRE General Test are Analytical Writing, Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning. The computer-formatted GRE test is 3 hours and 45 minutes long. There are test-taking centers all over America and in some international countries. You'll need to pre-register for the test and verify your identity on the day of the proctored exam at a test center of your choice.

Our GRE sample questions aim to cultivate your familiarity with the GRE General test, but be on the lookout for specialized GRE Subject Tests that gauge your knowledge of a specific field of study. Without further delay, scroll on and enjoy question samples that can help you score GRE high!

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The congressman's chances of re-election seem ________ since his district has been plagued by ________ in recent months.
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It was obvious that Michelle's woeful stories about her dire poverty were a ______ after we saw her high bank account balance.
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"n" is an odd integer; A: The remainder when "n" is divided by 4, B: The remainder when "n" is divided 7
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The feisty puppy was handsomely rewarded for his ________ verve with a meaty bone it managed to secure from the tall scrap-filled crate in the alley.
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The price of a video game is "p" dollars; A: {0.75 x p} B: The price of the video game after a 25 percent discount.
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What is the largest odd number that is a factor of 750?
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Jamila testified that she ________ invested in a Ponzi scheme and lost all of her savings as a result.
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At his funeral, the veteran commander was lauded by surviving shipmates for his heroism because he fought so hard to steer their ship away from the treacherous _______ .
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That Jared is a _______ litigator is an understatement, considering his insatiable need to object just about every point the claimants make in court.
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The diameter of circle C is one quarter the diameter of circle D. The area of circle D is how many times greater than the area of circle C?
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The young prince's ________ temperament became apparent to the governing council after news of his tantrum spread throughout the kingdom.
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Michael's chronic ________ is a ________ for his fellow debate team members who are forced to increase their own workloads to pick up his slack.
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Although a sparse population of piping plover birds ________ throughout the region, the species is considered critically endangered.
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Jessica is a southern California native and was _______ with the below zero temperatures she ________ when she first arrived at her North Dakota college campus.
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A coffee bean dispenser charges $2 for 4 pounds in weight of beans, and 50 cents per pound or a fraction of a pound up to a maximum weight of 12 pounds per bag. What is the cost in dollars of dispensing six and a half pounds of beans?
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The ________ ruler denied the dissenters' pleas for mercy in spite of hearing plausible facts which proved their innocence.
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Mary, who is an art _______, started to demonstrate her amazing ________ at a young age.
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Yolanda's final grades are: Political Science 77, World History 75, Algebra 95, Literature 82 and Physics 81. The arithmetic mean grade is "k," and the median grade is "p." What is the value of k - p?
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Pamela began reading from the top of page 110 and stopped at the bottom of page 211. How many pages did she read?
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Mario's ________ plans to pirate his former company's online music catalog were thwarted once the investigator unscrambled encrypted passwords he used to access the spyware.
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The numbers 101 and 303 are examples of palindrome numbers, which read the same forward and backward. What is the next highest palindrome value after 2442?
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Michelle is single and fifty-five years old, so the chances that she will start having children without a surrogate are ________.
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In a city apartment complex, "B" gallons of water are necessary per apartment per month. If there are "c" apartments in the complex, how long (in months) will "Q" gallons of water last?
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"a" and "b" are integers. a + b < 13, and a > 8; what is the smallest possible value of a - b?
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The product of 5 integers is negative. At most, how many of the integers can be negative?
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A civil war demolished the village's cultural centers, destroying hundreds of ________ paintings, many of which cannot be ________.
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New Muslims who reside in the strict religious state are strongly encouraged to publicly _______ the beliefs they once held dear prior to conversion.
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Since the novice reporter's story was ________ with inaccurate details, readers began to question the newspaper's integrity.
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A soda factory machine wraps "L" labels on soda bottles in "m" minutes. How many hours will it take to wrap labels on "B" bottles?
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McKensie worked 8 hours on Monday and Friday, and she worked 9 hours on Wednesday. On Tuesday she worked 5 hours, then on Thursday she worked 6 hours. She earns $360 each week. How much does McKensie earn in dollars per hour?
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To better assess his team's strengths, the basketball coach ________ the players to grueling and ________ physical endurance tests.
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