Will This Aptitude Quiz Reveal What Job You Are Destined For?

Brian Whitney

Does public relations work appeal to you?

Are you good at convincing people to do things that you want them to do?

Would you like to be a TV news anchor?

Are you logical?

Do you like helping people?

Do you like people to pay attention to you?

Are you good at building things?

Do people say you're artistic?

Are you interested in criminal justice issues?

Do you like working with your hands?

Would you mind working outside if it was 35 degrees?

Are you good with detail work?

How dependable are you?

Do you feel bad for people in worse positions than you?

Are you good at working with others?

Would you feel comfortable speaking in front of others?

Could you work with the mentally ill?

Have you ever played in a band?

Do you like to landscape and garden?

Which of these movies represents you best?

Are you a natural leader?

Are you good at managing stress?

What would you least like to do?

What would you most like to do?

Which one thing would you be worst at?

What would you be best at?

Do you like to dress up at work?

Could you handle working in a homeless shelter?

Have you done any theater?

Are you good with tools?

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About This Quiz

If there is one thing that pretty much all of us have to do over this life of ours, is get a job. If you aren't one of those people that have to get a job and figure out how to make a living, please stop reading right now, as the rest of this not only won't apply to you, but it also makes the rest of us that do have to work kind of mad. People usually start thinking about what kind of job they should have when they are just a little kid, but for many of us, it doesn't stop there. A lot of people always wonder whether they picked the right job.

And it isn't all about money. A landscaper might be building a stone wall on a hot day and wishing he had stayed in school and become a lawyer, so he didn't have to work so hard. A lawyer might be driving by in his car wishing that he was working outside on such a beautiful day, instead of having to do something so stressful. What about you? Is your job right for you? Take this quiz and find out. Just make sure you do it at home, or on your lunch break or something, or you might need to find your dream job for real.

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