This Comprehensive Quiz Will Determine Your Ideal College Major

Zoe Samuel

Are you good with people?

Do you love money?

Are you good with names?

Do you like numbers?

Are you good with your hands?

Does debt scare you?

How much do you want to study?

Do you learn best from a book or by doing?

Do you want to be your own boss?

How important is status to you?

How long do you want to be in school?

How much do you want to future-proof your career?

How optimistic are you?

Do you like the idea of scheduling your own hours?

Do you have any interest in media?

How about the corporate world?

Is politics of interest to you?

Do you always want to know why things are how they are?

Are you a fast reader?

Do you need a degree that leads straight to a job?

Do you want to be "accomplished" in the Jane Austen sense of the word?

Do you want to travel for your degree?

Would you mind being in a class where most people don't look or sound anything like you, even if it meant a certain amount of bullying coming your way?

Do you want to go postgraduate?

Will your parents' approval be a factor in your choice of degree?

Do you think the rat race is silly?

Do you aspire to own a home?

What sort of folks do you want to be around?

Is college really about networking?

Will you have to take a summer job to get through your course?

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About This Quiz

The decision to go to college is one of the biggest you can possibly make in your life. Of course, it just makes sense to go to college, but come on, the whole thing is so expensive! While you know that going to college is almost certainly a good idea, choosing a major isn't all that easy.

A lot of people just go with something that they think will benefit them down the road financially, such as business or marketing, and it makes sense, really. Why go to school unless you are majoring in something that could make you a lot of cash down the road? 

Other people take a bit of a different tactic, and they choose something like Political Science or Philosophy. A lot of those people wind up going to grad school down the road. And then there are the college students that are art, theatre or English majors - they usually want a career in the arts and don't really care that much about making a whole lot of cash. 

So many questions. We don't have all the answers, but if you take this quiz, we will give you a pretty good idea about what major you should take in college. If you already graduated, this quiz could tell you what you should've taken. Sorry about that.

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