This Fancy Restaurant Simulation Will Reveal Your Dateability Percentage

Jennifer Post

How long are you willing to wait for a table?

Do you expect to be given something complimentary while you wait to be seated?

Where are you standing while you wait for the hostess to get to your party?

Can you handle all the amazing smells in the air?

When you finally get seated at a table, what's the first thing you do?

Do you feel uncomfortable at how much flatware is on the table?

What kind of beverage are you ordering for your appetizer course?

Which appetizer sounds the most delicious to you?

When your food arrives, do you take a photo of it before you dive in?

Which Michelin star restaurant are you dining at?

Do you ask to see the chef to compliment them on the meal?

How long do you want to wait in between your first course and the entree?

Are you going with the fish, the beef or the chicken?

Everything is a la carte, so which sides are you getting for the table?

If you had any issues with the food, would you actually tell the server?

What's the first thing you want to see when visiting a fancy restaurant?

Do you hate the decoration that's always in the middle of the table?

Do you get sticker shock looking at the prices on the menu?

Uh oh! You're getting full and you've still got dessert. How do you remedy that?

Are you ordering a palate cleanser in between courses?

What's a must have in your cheese course?

When the server comes around with the crumber, are you caught off guard?

Is this the kind of restaurant that takes silverware away that you're not going to need for that particular course?

What are you ordering for dessert?

How long in total do you think you'll spend at the restaurant?

Is tip built into your bill?

How are you ending your meal at this fancy restaurant?

Is the meal worth the price and the hype of the restaurant?

How do you envisage the service to be?

When you leave the restaurant, do you immediately write a review of your experience?

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About This Quiz

Fancy restaurants are a real treat. They aim to make diners feel special and please their palate with exquisite cuisine. But do you feel like you know the proper way to act at a fancy restaurant? There's way more silverware than you're probably used to, words on the menu you don't understand and a formality to almost everything. But that's all part of the experience! These places can also be a great location for a date. You get to learn a lot about someone during an elongated meal. You can see how they treat wait staff, if they chew with their mouth open and if they order incorrectly. But your date can also tell those same exact things about you.

Wouldn't you want to know how dateable someone is before spending hundreds of dollars on a meal? Probably. We can't help you with the people you're going to date, but we can help figure out how dateable you are with this quiz. Being able to conduct yourself at a fancy restaurant but also being kind and humble are traits that anyone would be lucky to have. But if you're more comfortable at a fast food place, you might feel super awkward and not know how to act at a fancy restaurant. That doesn't mean you're undateable, but it could hurt your overall score. Ready to find out? Take the quiz now!

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