This Flower Test Could Reveal When You'll Get Married.

Jennifer Post

Which season has the best flowers?

Do you have a color palette for flowers that you just love?

How do you feel about classic roses?

Let's say you chose a flower you want for your wedding but they aren't available during the time of year you plan to wed. What would you do?

From where do you like to get flowers?

How would you go about choosing flowers for your garden?

When will you start thinking about your wedding flowers?

Do you like flowers that grow in bunches or single stem?

Which variety of daisy would look better in a bouquet?

Would you want a perfume based on your favorite flower scent?

Do you like fields of sunflowers?

If you had plants in your house, would you care about them being non-toxic to pets and kids?

How would you take care of your plants?

Which spring flower do you prefer?

How do you view food store flowers?

Do you like receiving flowers as gifts?

Thinking about fabrics, do you like flower patterns?

Would you like to have faux flower arrangements?

If you were creating a flower crown, which flowers would you use the most?

Have you ever seen a flower that you just absolutely did not like?

At your wedding, would you want the same flowers in your centerpieces as you have in your bouquet?

Are wildflowers good for gardens?

What petals will be thrown down the aisle at your wedding?

Do you ever pick flowers from other people's gardens?

Where is the best place for flowers?

How much are you willing to spend on flowers for your wedding?

Would you ever bake with flowers?

When you look out your window, what's the No. 1 flower you want to see?

Do you think there should be specific flowers for things like funerals, weddings, love, friendship, etc.?

Which flower essence do you want to see in your signature cocktail?

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About This Quiz

Roses and daisies and peonies, oh my! With all of the flower options out there, it can be hard to choose, especially when you are choosing for your wedding. The most important day of your life can be seriously impacted by the look of your flowers. On your special day, you should take the decision of flowers very seriously. But back to the beginning. How does one go about choosing? Sometimes it can be as easy as what's in season. If you're getting married in the winter, you won't really have access to dahlias. But fear not! There are plenty of other gorgeous winter flowers, like deep red roses. Or you could go the unique and authentic dried flower route with some baby's breath and lavender. 

Your love of flowers can really shine through when you plan your garden or choose cut flowers to create a beautiful arrangement for your kitchen or coffee table. The colors you're drawn to, the shape of the flower, the length you cut the stems and more are all indications of which flowers you really like. And the flowers you really like could reveal when you'll get married. Don't believe us? Take this flower test and we'll take a guess!

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