Quiz: This Gut Instinct Quiz Will Tell You If You're Truly Logical!
This Gut Instinct Quiz Will Tell You If You're Truly Logical!
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Logic, though shared with many members of the animal kingdom, is what sets humanity apart as a species. Human logic is much more evolved than animal logic, enabling humans to store, analyze, and transmit knowledge and judgment throughout our species. Human logic is unique in how it learns and evolves. What animals possess may be called instinct, but not logic. 

Logic is the perfection of human thought, corrupted only by base biological instinct and human emotion. To have good logic is to be clear of mind and judgment, capable of the highest functions of the human race.

Many things stand in the way of pure logic. Our biological predilections are a haze, telling us things like "eat" and "sleep" that can stand in opposition to the pure logic that we crave. Our emotions, likewise, stand in opposition to logic, directing us to irrational conclusions about others' motivations, and the correctness of ours. This illogical interference can create a feedback loop capable of derailing pure thought and making humans act as irrationally on the job or in relationships as animals do during an eclipse.

How logical are you? In the fire of the moment, do you lean on what you makes you human or what makes you no different from a fox or a bird? How is your gut instinct? Take this quiz to find out.

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