This International Cuisine Test Will Reveal Which Country in the World Best Fits Your Personality!

Teresa M.

Which grain do you prefer as a side dish?

What do you prefer to dip fries in?

Do you prefer green olives or black olives?

Which kind of fried rice would you prefer?

Which vegetarian dish do you like most?

Which kind of dressing would you put on your salad?

What would your order from an Indian restaurant?

Do you like Mexican food?

Do you prefer egg rolls or spring rolls?

Do you prefer coffee or tea?

What topping would you put on a burger?

What is your favorite way to eat an egg?

What dessert would you order after an American meal?

What would you put in your Greek yogurt?

What is your favorite way to eat fish?

Which kind of Sushi would you order?

Which sauce would you add to a bland meal?

Do you like pickled ginger?

Which type of Pho would you order from a food truck?

Which food do you find most comforting?

Have you ever tried poutine?

What might you add to a salad?

Which spice do you use most when you cook?

Which kind of burrito do you like most?

Which Chinese food dish do you like most?

What would you top an All-American hot dog with?

Which Italian dish do you like most?

Which fast food restaurant would you eat late at night?

How do you feel about paella?

What's your favorite ingredient in Gumbo?

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About This Quiz

Let's take an international trip around the world of food. From Greek food to Pho, the world has a lot to offer our palates. After we get to know the foods you prefer, we'll match you up with the one country where you really should live. 

Our tastes in food say a lot about our personalities. While some folks love chili-laden anything, others run away at the first hint of spice. The way you've developed your tastes in international cuisine will let us know where you are best suited to live. We won't base it entirely on one response. Instead, we will take a more in-depth look into the flavors, spices, and dishes you love the most. After we have a good sense of your love for international food, we'll look at your overall tastes. Then and only then, will we feel comfortable advising you where to move next. 

Tell us if you prefer ranch or chutney, vinegar or mayo, and how you feel about avocados. Your choices will give us a great idea of your personality and where you should call home. Will you end up best suited for the country you've always imagined yourself living in, or will you have your horizons broadened? There's only one way to know for sure!

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