This IQ Test Will Determine If You Truly Are a Gifted Thinker
by Teresa M.

Although there are many types of thinkers in the world, only a handful could ever be considered gifted thinkers! Many factors go into being gifted. Not only do you need to possess incredible intelligence, but you must also have the ability to navigate the world around you. Having brains is great, but true intelligence involves being able to be both logical and emotional! 

Throughout the gifted thinker IQ quiz, we are going to put all the different sides of your mind to the test. We want to take a holistic approach to finding out the kind of intelligence you use the most during your work hours and your hours at home. It's great to be smart, but being a locked in your brain often results in complete burnout. Real intelligence involves being balanced and being able to make right decisions in all facets of your life! Our questions will pull out the best of both sides of you to place you on the gifted thinker scale!

Make sure you've had your coffee before you get started! You'll need to pay close attention to ace this IQ quiz. We know you can do it, though! Let's go for it. 

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