Quiz: This is the End: The Battle of Berlin
This is the End: The Battle of Berlin
By: Nathan Chandler
Image: Shuttestock

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The Third Reich was collapsing and the Nazis scurried for cover in their home capital, where they planned to kill anyone who dared to approach. How much do you know about the Battle of Berlin?

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When did the Battle of Berlin begin?
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Which force initiated the Battle of Berlin?
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Before attacking the main city, the Soviets completely surrounded Berlin.
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Soldiers from which countries took part in the assault on Berlin?
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How many Soviet and Polish soldiers gathered for the attack on the Nazi capital?
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What was the name of the operation meant to defend Berlin from the Soviets?
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Operation Clausewitz divided Berlin into how many different defensive zones?
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The Nazis used child soldiers in defense of Berlin.
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About how many Polish troops joined in the attack?
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How did Soviet troops respond to the sight of children fighting for the Nazis?
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When did the Soviets begin raining artillery fire on the city?
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How long was the Battle of Berlin?
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As the Soviets approached Berlin, what did Hitler do?
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Many child soldiers ran away in panic at the sight of Soviet invaders. How did German officers respond to the children's behavior?
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How did the Western Allies plan to take part in the offensive?
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Why was German commander Gotthard Heinrici relieved of his command in late April?
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As the Soviets moved into the city proper, how did German troops respond?
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Which German commander was in charge of the Berlin Defense Area?
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How many tanks did the attackers lose during the battle?
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The Western Allies did offer one major effort during the battle. What did they do?
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Why did the Soviets want to capture the Reichstag, a building in downtown Berlin?
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How many Germans were holed up in the Reichstag determined to fight the Soviets to the death?
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What was the condition of the Reichstag building as the Soviets pushed towards the interior?
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How many Nazi troops were killed during the battle?
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After the war, into how many sections was Berlin divided?
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What happened to Hitler at the battle's end?
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What did Hitler do just before committing suicide?
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What happened to the bodies of Hitler and Eva Braun?
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