Quiz: This Memory Test Will Reveal Your IQ
This Memory Test Will Reveal Your IQ
By: Teresa M.
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About This Quiz

Are your friends always filling you in on what happened years ago, or are you the one reminding everyone about the details of that hilarious time you got caught skinny dipping? This quiz will put your memory through a set of rigorous tests! Once we see how good your memory is or is not, will be able to calculate your social IQ!

Unlike a standard IQ measurement, a social intelligence quotient measures how comfortable one is with themselves and in their interactions with others. Scores typically range from 100 to 140 with social geniuses being found at the top of the scale.

Learning whether or not your memory is as good as an elephant's will help us correlate your behaviors. After we analyze the way you tend to practice selective memory or the limits of your short-term thinking, we'll get a good idea how socially intelligent you are! If you are the person hobnobbing with everyone at a party, you are probably pretty high on the social IQ scale, but your memory will let us know for sure! 

Share your earliest childhood memories and the things you remember about your most recent ex! The things you remember will point us in the direction of your social IQ. Do you remember what we just said? Let's find out! 

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