Will This Quiz Determine How Mature You Are?

Zoe Samuel

Are you punctual?

Do you stay on the good side of most of your teachers?

Do you already know what you will major in?

Do you drink?

Would you ever drive drunk?

How important is it to be popular?

Do you often lie to your parents or guardians?

Can you keep a secret?

Have you ever posted information online that could be used to accurately locate your home?

Do you post a lot of photos from parties?

Do you prioritize sports or other extracurricular activities?

Do you know roughly what your household budget is?

Do you know what job you want to do?

Do you eat a healthy amount of fruit and veg?

Do you ever feel like you're counting down the days until you can get away from all the other kids?

How many books do you read outside of school?

Does your family eat dinner together most nights?

Do you chafe when people treat you like a kid?

Do you know who your representatives are, at the state and federal level?

Your grandma gives you $100. What's the first thing you do?

Do you have a paid job (over and above what your family needs)?

Have you pre-registered to vote?

Do you know how to own your mistakes?

How much do you gossip?

Are you a good listener?

Have you ever stood up for yourself even when you were really scared?

You're way behind schedule on a major essay. What do you do?

You flunk a test. What do you do?

Do you know how to find good information about how your body works, and those of folks you might be into?

Do you know how to forgive yourself when you make a mistake?

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About This Quiz

People constantly slam, "Kids these days," but as we've seen, plenty of kids these days are extremely politically involved, compassionate and thoughtful. They know who their representatives are and they don't just attend demonstrations; they organize them. They care about the environment so much they're suing their government, demanding their right to a stable atmosphere. They start LGBT-straight alliances at their schools and they advocate for racial and gender equality. They have an understanding of consent that their Boomer grandparents often find overwhelming. They work hard and know that no one is coming to save them. When those kids get on your lawn, they weed it, mow it and make sure it's planted with sustainable grass. They're so mature, they're basically grownups with really smooth skin and bendy bodies.

Then there are the other kids. Some are the harmless ones: they stay out late, TP people's houses and text in class. They don't always do well in school, but they're not bullies. There are also the truly bad kids, who push the other kids around, rely on their parents to neglect or enable their poor behavior, and get away with as much as their level of privilege allows. They have in common with the loafers that they're not mature now - and unlike the harmless loafers, a lot of them won't grow out of it.

Which kind of kid are you? Let's find out!

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