Quiz: This Quiz Will Tell If You're Truly a Leo or Not!
This Quiz Will Tell If You're Truly a Leo or Not!
By: Teresa M.
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About This Quiz

Have you been feeling a little out of sync with the traits your astrological sign is supposed to possess? Traditionally, Leos are warmed hearted and love to be the center of attention. Although it is not always the case with every Leo, there are specific traits that most Leos share. While some characteristics will certainly speak louder than others, there are subtle ways to tell if you are a true Leo or if you might be more of something else.

With their late summer birthdays, Leos love to be outdoors and can always be found trying to make the world a better place. Telling us about your lifestyle, personality, and quirks will help us to figure out exactly how lionhearted you are. We'll explore some of your best personality traits, and we'll ask about your not-so-great tendencies. Your responses will give us enough information about you to accurately measure the amount of Leo blood you have coursing through your veins. 

As you take the Leo quiz, make yourself comfortable and keep an open mind: your honest answers will make your reading even more accurate. For best success, think with your heart and not with your mind. Let's find out how Leo you are!

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