Quiz: Take This True or False Quiz And We'll Guess Your Dominant Personality Trait
Take This True or False Quiz And We'll Guess Your Dominant Personality Trait
By: Brian Whitney
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

When it comes to your personality, what is the one trait that you have that is dominant above all others? If you asked your friends, family, and co-workers, do you think they would say the same thing was your dominant personality trait, or what if it was someone you asked that you didn't get along with? What would they say?  

All of us are complicated. Even if your most common personality trait is that you are kind, it doesn't mean that there isn't another side of you that maybe isn't so nice sometimes. Even those of us who are extremely confident can be a little insecure in certain situations.

That is why what your dominant personality trait might be is so interesting. If you were to really think about it, what is the one thing going on with your personality that leads the way in your friendships, your romantic relationships, and your work life? 

What if you think you know what it is and you are totally wrong? You might want to take this quiz right now and find out for sure. Unless of course, your dominant personality trait is indecisiveness. In that case, we will just plan on seeing you tomorrow.

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