Quiz: Will This Ultimate "Would You Rather" Quiz Reveal What You're Most Confident About?
Will This Ultimate "Would You Rather" Quiz Reveal What You're Most Confident About?
By: Teresa M.
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About This Quiz

This ultimate "Would You Rather" quiz might challenge your brain and your morals, but it will also tell us what you are most confident about in life! You might be convinced that you will have your job next year, but are you truly confident that you will be there until you retire? Whether it's your relationship, your looks, or your finances, everyone has something in life that they need to feel confident about in order to make it through the week. 

By weighing your "Would You Rather" answers, we think we'll figure out what one thing in your life that you feel the most confident about. We're not talking about the kind of confidence that sees some chest bumping around the gym or the kind of confidence that leads to arrogance. We're looking for that one, tried and true aspect of your life that you know you can always rely on when you need it. Which of life's certainties are you most confident about? 

Playing "Would You Rather" is a great way to figure you out! We'll get to know where you feel comfortable and the situations that make you cringe. From there, we'll know what you feel best about! Let's play!

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