Quiz: Can You Pass This Hard Venomous Snake Identification Quiz?
Can You Pass This Hard Venomous Snake Identification Quiz?
By: Kennita Leon
Image: Shutterstock/Thug Hamster via Youtube/Mario Lutz via Wiki Commons

About This Quiz

If you believe in the whole dinosaur debate, then we know where snakes come from. What's not so certain is why they have venom in the first place. Whether it's to make them cooler or to protect them out in the wild (although we're not sure why such scary creatures would need all this protection) or to help them hunt, we know that this venom is dangerous. And if you want to get technical, we could go into the quantities needed to make a human howl in pain, but we won't. We want to know if you know your venomous snakes. 

Snakes like the cobra are instantly recognizable, but others like the dugite may not be. This is why we'll give you credit for even getting four questions correct. But this quiz really isn't that difficult if you consider the fact that we have hints in every question to help you out. So how about you channel your inner Bear Grylls and Crocodile Hunter and take a bite (pun intended) out of this snake quiz?

Will you be speaking Parseltongue by the end of this quiz (of course we had to throw in a Harry Potter reference) or should you just observe the snakes from behind the safety of a glass wall? 

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