Quiz: Answer These Very Serious Morality Questions, And We'll Guess Your Psychological Age
Answer These Very Serious Morality Questions, And We'll Guess Your Psychological Age
By: Brian Whitney
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Morality is a funny thing. We often spend time wondering why our morals are different than other people that we see in our lives, or people that practice other religions or live in different cultures, but have you ever thought about how your morals have changed over the course of your life? When people are young they often don't respect authority as much as they do when they're older. On the other hand, as people age they are far more concerned with caring for other people above themselves. Seriously, when you really think about it, just imagine how much your code of ethics and morals changes throughout your life. At one point you might be more than willing to cheat on your partner; at other times it would be unimaginable. 

But let's take it a step further. There are two types of age - your real age, which you can tell from the calendar, and your psychological age, which is how you feel emotionally and how you think. If you take this quiz and tell us all about your morals, we can tell you about your psychological age. If you don't, it would be bad. We won't judge you, though.

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