Quiz: Answer These Yes or No Questions And We'll Guess How You'll Meet the Love of Your Life
Answer These Yes or No Questions And We'll Guess How You'll Meet the Love of Your Life
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

They say the course of true love rarely runs smoothly, but that's not always true. What is true is that some people take 20 years of false starts, from being ghosted to betrayed to let down to simply picking terribly unqualified partners, sometimes resulting in bad "starter" marriages that collapse under the weight of their own participants' inflated expectations or immaturity. 

Other people are fortunate enough to simply meet someone they like, realize this is it, shack up, and then marry and spend 50-odd joyful years with one another. Still, others don't even have to properly meet that special someone, as they know them from childhood, perhaps attending school together or growing up as neighbors.

Whether you're one of the fortunate latter or the more struggle-prone former group, true love could still be around the corner. Indeed, one story we encountered writing this quiz tells of a man who, after several failed marriages, had given up on love forever. At 77, he reconnected with a beautiful woman he'd known years earlier, who had been widowed a year before after decades with her true love. They enjoyed 15 years together. He discovered that you can still find love in your 70's, and she learned that true love could strike twice. So let's find out when it's coming for you!

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