This "Yes or No" Quiz Will Determine Which Country You Actually Belong In!

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Do you drink beer more often than you drink wine?

Do you like taking long strolls along the beach after your evening meal?

If you were surrounded by it day after day, do you think you could easily pick up another language?

If you were out of ketchup, would you ever dip french fries in mayonnaise?

Have you traveled abroad more than once in the past five years?

Do you always look in the mirror before going out on the town?

Have you ever gone to work and realized your shirt was on backwards?

Do you frequently post selfies on your Facebook page?

When you do laundry, do you always fold it and put it away in your dresser?

If you got into trouble while traveling, would you call your mom?

Do you have a matching set of luggage to use while you travel?

During the weekdays, do you always have breakfast before work?

Would your group of friends say you are a good karaoke singer?

Are you really as easy going as your coworkers think you are?

Do you like sushi more than you like your best homemade comfort food dish?

Do you prefer riding a bicycle to riding on a mass transportation system?

Is it true that you would be found parking guests' cars at parties?

Are you more of a trailblazer than your current group of friends?

Have you ever felt the joy of solving a Rubik's Cube during your lifetime?

If you were offered $500 and a replacement ticket, would you give up your airline seat for another passenger?

Is the following statement true: Chocolate ice cream is better than vanilla ice cream.

Are you the kind of person that has a hard time keeping secrets from your best friend?

Do you always order room service when you are staying in a fancy hotel?

Would you be able to spend an entire day walking around barefoot?

Are you the type of person that would rather go to a ski resort than to a beach resort?

Would you choose to spend the day at a modern art museum rather than a day at a waterpark?

Are you the type of person that worries about things you cannot control?

Have you visited the mall more than once during the past month?

Can you touch the tip of your nose to the tip of your tongue?

Do you find it easy to sleep on a plane or a train when you are traveling long distances?

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About This Quiz

There's no room for gray areas in this quiz! Tell us how you really feel by answering yes or no, and we'll tell you which country you should really be living in!

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