Take This "Yes Or No Quiz" And We'll Guess If You're Truly Ready To Get Married!

Zoe Samuel

Do you like to think long term?

Are you comfortable with the idea of change?

Do you believe marriage is an outdated institution?

Do you care a lot about the wedding but not think much about marriage itself?

Do you think marriage is just a piece of paper?

Is marriage a little scary?

Is marriage the ultimate in adulting?

Does the idea of being a husband or wife make you laugh?

Can you keep a promise?

Do you care what other people think of your relationship?

Are you monogamous?

Do you know yourself inside and out?

Do you know how many kids you want?

Do you like doing what is expected of you?

Do you value tradition?

Do you really just want the presents?

Have you and your boo been through some stuff and survived?

Do you have good examples of successful marriages in your family?

Have you completed your education?

Do you often second-guess yourself?

Are you capable of true, abiding love?

Do you know how to trust?

Would you ever give someone your phone and account passwords?

Whether staff or freelance, are you steadily employed?

Do you know how to draw boundaries with family members?

Are you clear on your position regarding your faith (or lack thereof)?

Do you know how to throw a party?

Do you have $10,000 to blow on one event?

Do you think a lot of people get married just because everyone else is?

Do you miss dating?

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About This Quiz

Marriage has taken many forms over the last 10,000 years. Among the most common kinds of marriage were polyamorous arrangements where one man would grab all the women he could and hang on to them. There were also rules whereby rapists could escape punishment if they married their victims, and people (mostly women) could just be handed over in wedlock to seal a business deal or an alliance. 

Until about 100 years ago, women were legally shut out of owning their property or making money in most professions, meaning that marriage was often the only option if they wanted to eat. All this meant that traditionally, marriage has been a source of a great deal of abuse, misery, corruption, and cruelty.

Happily, in today's slightly saner world, marriage is primarily about two things: love and teamwork. People choose a partner who they hope will be their very good friend - indeed, some people overload their partner with too many expectations in this area, though many do not fall into that trap. They also know that marriage is still a practical choice, where you are selecting a teammate with whom to take on the world. Are you ready to sign that binding contract, and be that teammate to someone else? Let's find out!

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