Quiz: This Yes or No Quiz Will Reveal Whether You're More Emotional or Logical
This Yes or No Quiz Will Reveal Whether You're More Emotional or Logical
By: Teresa M.
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About This Quiz

Playing a simple game of Yes or No can tell us more about your personality than you want to know! Right now, we're going to focus on your emotional and logical sides. Which one rules you the most? 

Our challenging questions only have two answers, and the one you choose is sure to give you away! Can it really be that simple to know if you think with your heart or your head? We think it is! 

During the game, we'll get to know your personality traits, your preferences, and how you would react to a multitude of situations. By choosing yes or no, you'll be giving us clues about the way you navigate the world. 

You might not need long to decide on your answer, but there is no time limit. We urge you to take all the time you need to choose the answer you would prefer in real life. We want the most accurate picture of you we can get! 

Whether you choose to answer with your heart or with your head is up to you, but we'll know which one you've used. Then, we'll be able to reveal your true nature. Are you more logical or emotional? We'll be the judge of that!

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