Can We Guess If You're More The Sun or the Moon From this Yes or No Quiz?

Teresa M.

Do you run late for work more than three times a week?

Can you think of anything cuter than a litter of puppies?

Are you in touch with your inner child?

Do you read your horoscope everyday?

Do you believe that there's life on other planets?

Have you ever gone on vacation alone for more than a week?

Have you ever visited a psychic or a medium?

Would your friends say that you are moody?

Have you recently been to one of your high school class reunions?

Do you remember details about the last dream you had?

If you saw someone smoking pot, would you call the cops?

Do you believe that we only have one true love?

Do you like popcorn more than potato chips?

Do you know the exact time that you were born?

Would you rather go camping than go to a spa resort?

Have you ever visited the site of an ancient civilization?

Have you ever kissed someone during a rainstorm?

Do you believe in love at first sight?

Would you ever be brave enough to shave your entire head?

Would you say that you are in touch with the universe around you?

Do you make time to practice self-care?

Do you often donate time, clothes, goods, or money to charities?

Do you start a lot of projects that you don't finish?

Do you often find yourself speaking before you think about what you will say?

Do you follow your heart more than your mind?

Would you consider yourself more spiritual than religious?

If you could travel back in time, would you?

Can you sense a change in the weather before a storm?

Has anyone ever told you that you could be from another planet?

Have you ever had a premonition?

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About This Quiz

Do you burn bright like the sun, or do you have phases like the moon? You might not give off magnetic waves large enough to knock out power grids, but you might have influence over the ocean's tides. The only real way to find out where you stand in the celestial world is to answer all the questions in this quiz truthfully! 

You probably know by now that the full moon gets blamed for a lot of things. From werewolves to a rise in emotional behavior, the moon's influence over the water in our bodies is well documented. Just as importantly, without the sun's light, we would be in the dark living on a barren land without crops. As we go through our quiz, we'll scratch below the surface of your personality and try to get to the heart of your soul. With something as important as being either the moon or the sun, we want to make sure we get it right!

Pause for a moment to feel the energy around you and to quiet your mind before you begin our journey into the universe. Your honest responses will help us learn where you hang in the sky!

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