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ThunderCats will live on forever in the hearts of '80s kids. Take our quiz and let us know how much you know about Lion-O and his buddies.

Who is the leader of the ThunderCats?

In the television series "ThunderCats," Lion-O is the leader.


What studio produced the animation for the series "ThunderCats"?

Animation for the "ThunderCats" series was done by the Pacific Animation Corp., a group of Japanese animating studios.


What is ThunderCat leader Lion-O's weapon of choice?

Lion-O, the leader of the ThunderCats, carries a sword.


In the first season of "ThunderCats" Lion-O is a man trapped in the body of a boy.

Lion-O is actually a boy trapped in a man's body in the first season of "ThunderCats."


In the series "ThunderCats," what planet did the group of heroes come from?

The ThunderCats escaped from the planet Thundera just before it was destroyed.


Who was the leader of the ThunderCats before Lion-O?

Jaga was the first leader of the ThunderCats, before dying early in the series.


Which ThunderCat uses his whip to become invisible?

Tygra uses his whip to become invisible in the "ThunderCats" series.


What is the name of the primary villain in the series "ThunderCats?"

Mumm-Ra is the primary villain in the animated series "ThunderCats."


What production company created and wrote the animated series "ThunderCats"?

Rankin Bass Productions was the company that created and wrote the "ThunderCats" series.


What is the name of the sword Lion-O carries in the "ThunderCats" series?

"ThunderCats" character Lion-O carries the Sword of Omens.


The creators of the "ThunderCats" series also created the 1964 television special "Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer."

Rankin Bass Productions, the creators of the "ThunderCats" actually did produce the Christmas television classic "Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer."


How many seasons did the original "ThunderCats" series run?

The animated series "ThunderCats" originally aired four seasons, from 1985 to 1989.


What made the wise "ThunderCats" character Lynx-O unique?

The character Lynx-O was unique because he was blind. Lynx-O was the wisest of the ThunderCats and had extremely good hearing.


After the destruction of their home planet Thundera, what planet did the ThunderCats escape to?

The ThunderCats fled the destruction on Thundera, escaping to Third Earth.


What year did the new version of the series "ThunderCats" originally air?

The reboot of the animated series "ThunderCats" originally aired in 2011. The show was initially slated for 52 episodes but was cancelled June 16, 2012, after only 26 episodes.


What is the name of the headquarters of the ThunderCats?

The headquarters of the ThunderCats is called Cat's Lair. Tygra designed the ThunderCats home base upon landing on Third Earth.


Veteran actor Earle Hyman played Russell Huxtable on "The Cosby Show." What ThunderCat character did Hyman voice?

Actor Earle Hyman played the voice of Panthro on the "ThunderCats" animated series. Hyman won an Emmy award for his work on "The Cosby Show."


What year did the animated series "ThunderCats" debut in the U.S.?

The animated series "ThunderCats" first aired in the U.S. on Jan. 23, 1985.


Which ThunderCat hero used a staff for a weapon?

Cheetara fought with a staff and possessed great running speed.


Actor Larry Kenney voiced King Claudus in the 2011 animated series "ThunderCats," but which character did he voice for the 1985 "ThunderCats" series?

Larry Kenney played the voice of Lion-O in the original 1985 "ThunderCats" series and the voice of Lion-O's father King Claudus in the 2011 "ThunderCats" series.


Which ThunderCat prefers nunchuks as a weapon and is a skilled mechanic?

Panthro's weapon of choice is nunchuks and he is a skilled mechanic able to get the Thundercats' transport moving.


The Sword of Omens holds the Eye of Thundera and what power does this "eye" give Lion-O?

The Eye of Thundera is in the hilt of the Sword of Omens and gives Lion-O the power of sight beyond sight.


Production of the first season of "ThunderCats" was complete in what year?

The first season of "ThunderCats" actually wrapped production in 1983, but was not aired until 1985.


Which writer created the "ThunderCats" characters?

Although Leonard Starr was the head writer for the 1985 series "ThunderCats," the characters were created by writer Ted Wolf.


How many episodes of the original 1985 "ThunderCats" series were produced?

The 1985 series "ThunderCats" produced 130 episodes over five years.


Which ThunderCat was the medic for the band of heroes?

Pumyra joined the "ThunderCats" in the second season and often provided medical care for her fellow ThunderCats.


James Lipton, the moderator of "Inside the Actors Studio," was a collaborator for what "ThunderCats" production element?

Television moderator James Lipton collaborated with composer Bernard Hoffer to create the "ThunderCats" theme music.


The character Jaga often appeared to the ThunderCats as a ghost.

The character Jaga died early in the "ThunderCats" series and subsequently appeared as a ghost to offer advice.


Which "ThunderCats" character is actually named Osbert?

The "ThunderCats" character Snarf is actually named Osbert.


Which entertainment company now owns the Rankin Bass library of materials, including the "ThunderCats" series?

In 1989, Warner Brothers acquired the rights to the Rankin Bass library of materials, including the "ThunderCats."


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