Quiz: You Say Tomato: Test Your Mater Smarts
You Say Tomato: Test Your Mater Smarts
By: Staff
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About This Quiz

Chances are good that if you haven't eaten something that contains tomatoes today, you'll make up for it tomorrow. Think you know everything about this tasty treat? Then test your tomato smarts in this quiz.

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Where were tomatoes likely first domesticated?
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What other produce product is closely related to the tomato?
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Are all tomatoes either red or green?
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Are tomatoes prone to pathogens?
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Are tomatoes technically fruits, vegetables or both?
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What U.S. state produces the most tomatoes annually?
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How many pounds of produce can a typical California tomato truck haul?
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What antioxidant do tomatoes boast of the most?
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Are tomatoes healthier for you if they're fresh, canned or does it depend on the circumstances?
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