Quiz: Drills to Spills: Test Your Tool Safety Quiz
Drills to Spills: Test Your Tool Safety Quiz
By: Staff
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About This Quiz

Whether you're about to use a hand tool or power tool, there are many things to think about. What are you going to build? How are you going to design this piece? How long will it take you? What materials do you need before you get started?

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True or false: You should always wear safety goggles when working with power tools.
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What should you keep handy when working with power tools?
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Which government agency is responsible for safety regulations in the construction industry?
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True or false: When cleaning and maintaining your tool, the tool should be in the off position, but you can leave it plugged in.
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What is the most common cause of injury when using power tools?
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When using a razor knife, how sharp should the blade be?
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