Quiz: Top Fuel Dragster Facts Quiz
Top Fuel Dragster Facts Quiz
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Top fuel dragsters are some of the most powerful machines on the planet, generating power and speed that push against the upper limits allowed by the laws of physics. This top fuel dragster quiz will amaze you with its raw power.

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The engines in top fuel cars are based on what well-known production engine?
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The 14:71 designation of a top fuel supercharger is a remnant of the labeling system GMC once used for what?
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How much horsepower can a top fuel dragster produce?
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Who was the first person to win three NHRA top fuel championships?
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Who has the most top fuel wins in NHRA history?
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What is the official distance of an NHRA top fuel race?
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What percentage of a top fuel dragster's fuel is nitromethane?
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What year was the first NHRA top fuel champion crowned?
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What is a top fuel engine block made from?
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Who was the first driver to reach 330 mph at both the quarter-mile and 1,000-foot distances?
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What was the fastest top speed ever recorded by a top fuel car on a 1,000-foot track?
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What is the minimum weight of a top fuel car?
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True or false: the ignition timing is slowed part of the way through a top fuel run to reduce rpm and reduce the chance of engine failure.
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How many Gs of acceleration does a top fuel driver experience?
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How much fuel does a top fuel dragster burn per second during a race?
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How loud are top fuel cars?
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How long is a top fuel dragster, from front spoiler to rear wing?
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What are the bellhousing and intake valves made out of in a top fuel engine?
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About how much does a single run down the track cost a top fuel team, counting fuel, tire wear and engine components?
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How much does the diameter of the rear tires change during a top fuel run?
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True or false: top fuel cars use heavy-duty transmissions adapted from military tank transmissions.
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How much horsepower does it take just to drive a top fuel supercharger?
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How long does it take a top fuel team to rebuild an engine?
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How many amps do the magnetos in a top fuel engine deliver to the spark plugs each time they fire?
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What weight lubricating oil does a top fuel engine use?
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About how fast is the air being pushed out of the supercharger into the engine moving?
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How many spark plugs are there per cylinder in a top fuel engine?
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How much chrome-moly tubing is welded together to build a top fuel dragster's frame?
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