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When did "Top Gun" come out?

"Top Gun" premiered on May 16, 1986, and went on to become the top-grossing movie of the year.


Who directed "Top Gun"?

Englishman Tony Scott got a big career boost from "Top Gun."


After "Top Gun," what was Tony Scott's biggest movie?

In 1987 "Beverly Hills Cop II" made $300 million in the United States.


What was the budget of "Top Gun"?

"Top Gun" cost $15 million to make.


How much money did "Top Gun" make worldwide?

"Top Gun" paid itself back about 23 times, to the tune of $350 million worldwide.


What's Maverick's real name?

Pete Mitchell's call sign was certainly not given randomly.


What is his rank?

Maverick is a lieutenant in the U.S. Navy.


What is Goose's real name?

The loyal and ill-fated Goose was born Nick Bradshaw.


What's Goose's rank?

Goose is a radar intercept officer (RIO); he's Maverick's co-pilot.


On which aircraft carrier are they based?

"Top Gun" was filmed, in part, on the USS Enterprise.


Where is the Enterprise at the opening of the movie?

The Enterprise is patrolling the Persian Gulf.


Who is Maverick's wingman during the opening dogfight?

Cougar, freaked out after a close call during the engagement, immediately turns in his resignation.


What kind of planes do they fly?

The F-14 was the primary Navy fighter jet in the 1980s. The jets were retired in 2006.


Where is the Top Gun school?

The Navy's Fighter Weapons School is in Miramar, California, near San Diego.


Why does Maverick get into trouble right off the bat at Top Gun?

Maverick, never one to resist grandstanding, buzzes the control tower after a practice mission.


Who is Maverick's love interest in the movie?

Charlotte "Charlie" Blackwood is a civilian Top Gun instructor.


What song does Maverick sing to Charlie at the bar?

Maverick leads an impromptu sing-along to "You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'" in front of an embarrassed Charlie.


What song do Goose and Maverick sing when Goose's wife is in town?

Goose plays the piano and belts out "Great Balls of Fire" with Maverick.


Who plays Goose's wife?

Meg Ryan played Carol Bradshaw.


What is Tom Kazansky's call sign?

Just call him Iceman.


What's the call sign of the Top Gun commander?

Viper becomes Maverick's mentor.


Which veteran character actor plays Viper?

Tom Skerritt's always a top choice for tough old-timers with a soft side.


What is Viper's connection to Maverick?

Viper, who had served with Maverick's dad, finally gives Maverick closure on his father's death.


After Goose dies, who is Maverick's new RIO?

Merlin, who had been Cougar's RIO, becomes Maverick's new partner.


Who is Maverick's wingman?

"You can be my wingman anytime," Iceman says to Maverick at the end of the film.


Which actor turned down the role of Maverick because he felt the film glorified the military?

Modine did not agree with the Cold War politics of "Top Gun."


For how many Oscars was "Top Gun" nominated?

It was nominated for four: editing, sound, sound effects editing and original song


How many Oscars did the movie win?

It only won one — "Take My Breath Away" won best original song.


True or false: Naval aviator recruitment shot up 200 percent because of "Top Gun."

That's false. Apparently calls went up 500 percent at some naval aviation recruitment centers.


True or false: A "Top Gun" sequel is in the works.

Producer Jerry Bruckheimer told "Entertainment Tonight" in March 2016 that Tom Cruise had signed on to star in a sequel.


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