Quiz: The Ultimate Toyota Prius Challenge
The Ultimate Toyota Prius Challenge
By: Staff
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The Prius wasn't the first hybrid car, but it's the best-selling and certainly the most iconic. Test-drive your Prius knowledge here, and maybe it'll inspire you to make a change for the greener.

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When did the first Prius hit the market?
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What's the combined mpg of the third generation Prius, which was unveiled in early 2009?
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What was the retail price of the first Prius sold in the United States?
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What's the retail price of the third generation 2010 Prius?
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The 2010 Prius is now the most fuel-efficient hybrid vehicle in the United States. What car comes in second?
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What's the satisfaction rate among Prius owners?
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What's one of the biggest changes in the third-generation Prius?
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The 2010 Prius uses bioplastics instead of traditional plastic. What is this bioplastic made from?
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About how many Priuses (Priusi? Prii?) have been sold around the world?
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