Quiz: Training for your first 5K. Are you doing the right things?
Training for your first 5K. Are you doing the right things?
By: John Miller
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The 5K is an incredibly popular foot race distance. It's long enough to provide a physical challenge but short enough that it's not intimidating for newcomers. Are you doing the right things to train for your first 5K?

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It's just a 5K, right? Wait, how far is 5K?
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What should your expectation be for your first 5K?
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A beginner's training plan should include a mix of running and _____.
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Before you start training for a 5K, you should do what?
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What's one of the first things you should consider when you think about training for your first 5K?
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If life circumstances cause you to miss a training run, what should you do?
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On your second day of training, what are you likely to do?
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What's one thing you should have clear in your mind before you start training?
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True or false: If you decide to run a 5K, you must also start a strength training program and a core fitness program.
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On that very first day of training, what are you going to do?
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Your new training program should include at least two days of ______.
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As you work through your training program, you'll undoubtedly develop some soreness. What should you do?
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If you get blisters on your feet while training, what should you do?
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When your training calendar specifies that you should run 1 mile, how should you approach this run?
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What's a cheap and vital tool for beginning runners?
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As you're running, how should you focus on your stride?
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True or false, are most 5K training plans essentially the same?
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For new runners, how long is a typical 5K training plan?
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On a 5K training program, your longest training run will be how long?
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How much water should you chug before the race?
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True or false, if you're training for a 5K, do you need to stock up on a lot of gels and other fancy runner products?
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What should you eat the night before the race?
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