Quiz: Can You Translate These British Slang Words?
Can You Translate These British Slang Words?
By: Kennita Leon
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

No matter where you are in the world, people will say things differently. For instance, to some, a soda is just that - a soda. But in other places it might be called a soft drink, or fizzy drink, or pop, or soda pop. In fact, the same thing is done right here in the United States. Depending on where a person grew up, a specific kind of sandwich might be a sub, while others call it a grinder, hero, po'boy or hoagie. Do you get the drift? Well, that's what this quiz is all about today. But we're not going to explore the entire world - this quiz is dedicated to Great Britain.

As cute as the accents may be, sometimes it's so hard to understand just what the bloody hell those blokes are going on about - pardon our French. And we want to see if you can. So, we're going to ask you what some British slang words mean. Will you be able to define the words "snog," "bagsy," "cuppa," "knackered" and "gutted"? 

If you're able to do that and more, you'll definitely be able to survive Great Britain. But can you? Can you define these British slang words? 

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