Travel the World and We'll Guess Where You'll Meet Your Future Soulmate

Jennifer Post

Before you book a trip, how do you decide where to go?

Do you track flights to get the lowest price?

Who is going with you on your trip?

What is your number-one place you want to travel?

Is there a close second?

What essentials are you bringing with you?

Would you rather eat croissants in Paris or fish and chips in London?

Do you like to drink when you travel?

When you're at your destination, how are you getting around?

Do you hang with the locals?

What are you doing on your first morning of your trip?

How many bags did you bring with you?

What's your favorite thing to see when you travel?

Are you checking out the local night life?

If budget wasn't an issue, where would you travel to?

When you're traveling, do you feel like you don't want to leave?

Would you learn a new language before traveling to a foreign country?

Do you want to have a romantic fling during your trip abroad?

Have you ever had an "Eat, Pray, Love" moment?

Have you ever regretted traveling somewhere?

Of the places below, which one do you want to visit the most?

What country do you think has the best food?

Do you like to stay in hotels, hostels, short-term rentals or with family when you travel?

Out of everywhere you've been, where is your favorite place?

How many days is a typical vacation for you?

When are you most likely to travel?

Are you more likely to go places that you are somewhat familiar with?

Where is the best place for a honeymoon?

Are you adventurous with eating new foods in new places?

Can you pick one place that you would travel to and just move there?

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About This Quiz

Travel opens your eyes to things you probably wouldn't have seen otherwise. It's getting out of your comfort zone, meeting new people, trying new foods and experiencing new cultures that broadens your horizons. How you travel can also give insight into the things you like to do in your normal life, like where you choose to go for coffee, what attractions you visit and how much time you spend in your hotel versus out exploring the new city. 

People think that they're completely different people when they travel, that they somehow are going to have new interests and desires, but really travel just emphasizes what our innate interests are in other situations. If you don't like hiking, you most likely aren't going to pick up the habit just because you have traveled somewhere with great hiking trails. Similarly, if you like eating avocado toast but no cafes in the area have it, you will try to find something that's like it to eat. 

Even the places you choose to travel can reveal the kind of place you might meet your future soulmate. Want to know where that is? Take this travel quiz, and we'll guess where you'll meet your soulmate! 

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