Quiz: The Trucker Slang Quiz
The Trucker Slang Quiz
By: John Miller
Image: shotbydave/E+/Getty Images

About This Quiz

“Hey everyone, we’re just rollin’ and strollin’ on the big slab today. I have some toothpicks on the loop outside of Hog Town, and no sign of any spies in the sky.” Whether they rely on CB radios or cellphones for communication, truck drivers have a language all their own. Some of this lingo has been passed on for generations, while other terms are more recent additions to the four-lane lexicon. What do you really know about trucker slang?

If you see law enforcement out “taking pictures,” it means that the cops are using radar or laser tools to catch speeders. Many truckers pass along the word so that their comrades don’t get nabbed and tagged with steep fines.

While the language of the road is lot of fun to exchange, be wary of becoming the “ratchet jaw” or “radio Rambo” who has too much time on his or her hands. It means you talk too much, or perhaps to aggressively during your haul.  You don't want some grizzled trucker relieving you of your microphone at a truck stop!

Dodge the meat wagons and roller skates in this trucker lingo quiz! Maybe you’ll find the home 20 without “hitting the jackpot” and find a big paycheck waiting for you!

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