Quiz: True or False: Baseball Stats Edition
True or False: Baseball Stats Edition
By: Talin Vartanian
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About This Quiz

From the Chicago White Sox to the Boston Red Sox, baseball consists of a wide variety of teams and players that have a beloved following of fans. In this quiz, we've compiled a list of 40 baseball stats to test your knowledge on everything baseball-related.

This quiz will look at stats like batting averages, World Series wins, All-Star Game wins, Hall of Fame inductees, strikeouts and winning percentages. For example, did you know that Addie Joss achieved two "no-hitters?" Or how about the fact that Adam Russell's win-loss ratio is 8-3?

Some MLB players have also achieved greatness with coveted titles and awards. Bobby Cox, for example, is part of the Baseball of Fame. One of the most famous baseball players of all time, Babe Ruth, won seven World Series. He's also a part of the Boston Red Sox Hall of Fame. Other players, like Brandon Phillips, have achieved rare feats, such as being part of the 30–30 club.

You might know some things about baseball, but do you know enough to take this quiz on baseball statistics? If you're ever feeling stuck, you can always check out the available hint for every question. So what are you waiting for? Take this baseball stats quiz now to test your wits!

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Alex Rodriguez hit more than 690 home runs during his baseball career.
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Babe Ruth has won seven World Series Championships.
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Bob Feller earned a Triple Crown in 1940.
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Bob Uecker had a batting average of .200.
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Albert Pujols has earned the right to be a part of the 3,000 hit club.
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Bobby Doerr was a second baseman for the Milwaukee Brewers.
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Barry Bonds achieved more than 3,000 hits in his career.
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Billy Sunday has stolen more than 300 bases.
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Billy Bean was a pitcher for the Chicago White Sox.
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Bo Jackson achieved success as an NFL player and as an MLB player.
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Barry Zito achieved exactly 442 strikeouts during his career.
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Al Leiter achieved success as a pitcher for the Boston Red Sox.
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Ace Parker was a shortstop for the Philadelphia Athletics.
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Barry Larkin played baseball in the 1984 Summer Olympics.
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Adrián Beltré was the NL home run leader in 2004.
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Brandon Phillips was part of the 30–30 club in 2007.
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Bid McPhee is not a member of any MLB Hall of Fame.
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Bobby Valentine was a coach for the New York Mets.
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Andre Dawson was a pitcher for the Chicago White Sox.
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Bill Terry held a winning percentage of .333.
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Bobby Cox is currently a member of the National Baseball Hall of Fame.
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Aaron Poreda has thrown a fastball of 97 mph.
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Bobby Thomson had more than1,000 RBIs.
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Arky Vaughan played in 9 All-Star games.
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Alfonso Soriano has achieved more than 2,000 hits throughout his career.
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Bill Mazeroski had a batting average of .305.
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Adam Russell held a win-loss record of 2-6.
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Andrew Miller was the ALCS MVP in 2016.
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Bernie Williams' number was 24 for the New York Yankees.
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Billy Martin was only an MLB player, not a coach or a manager.
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Bobby Bragan managed exactly 562 games.
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Art Kores was a third baseman for the St. Louis Terriers.
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597–664 was the managerial record of Branch Rickey.
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Bobby Murcer hit more than 250 home runs.
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Al López held a winning percentage of .584.
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Andy Pettitte's number with the New York Yankees was #2.
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Alfred Lawson's ERA was 5.50.
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Addie Joss has never pitched a "no-hitter."
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Bill McKechnie has never won a World Series Championship game.
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Andre Ethier's RBI is 687.
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