Quiz: The Ultimate Tween Girls Room Ideas Quiz
The Ultimate Tween Girls Room Ideas Quiz
By: Staff
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Tween girls can be difficult to please. They are in a delicate phase where they are not yet adults but strive to become them. They have specific likes and dislikes and these may change from week to week. It might seem like a daunting task to decorate your tween girl's bedroom. Take this quiz to see how much you know about decorating your tween girl's bedroom and learn some useful tips along the way.

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How do many tween girls feel about their body?
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What can you use to gauge your tween girl's taste?
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What color would you paint the bedroom walls for a boho chic tween?
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What style can you use to create a classic and undated look?
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What decor would you need for a funky style bedroom?
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What colors would you paint the walls if you want a funky look?
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What can you use instead of wallpaper for a funky look?
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How can you liven up a retro style room?
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What style bedroom furniture fits with a retro theme?
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What are some good wall decorations for a retro room?
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What can you use for storage space in a retro bedroom?
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What should you avoid when going with a celebrity theme for the bedroom?
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What is a good wall pattern for a celebrity bedroom?
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In a floral bedroom, what type of furniture is recommended?
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