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Where does Bella live before she moves to Forks?

When she arrives at Forks High School, Bella's new friends are naturally curious why living in Arizona didn't add a touch of color to her porcelain complexion.

Where does Bella work when she arrives in Forks?

Bella takes a job at Newton's Olympic Outfitters, a sporting goods store.

Which vampire almost died of Spanish influenza in 1918?

Edward almost died of the flu in Chicago in 1918 before Carlisle transformed him into a vampire.

What is Edward's special power?

Edward can read every mind in the room — except Bella's.

Who accidentally runs into Bella with his van?

Tyler almost hits Bella, but luckily, Edward stops the vehicle in its tracks.

What tribe does Jacob belong to?

Jacob is a member of the Quileute tribe and lives on a reservation in La Push.

What character was played by Elizabeth Reaser in the "Twilight" film?

Cullen matriarch Esme was played by actress Elizabeth Reaser.

Who is the leader of the La Push wolf pack?

Sam Uley is the first of the wolves to phase and also the pack's alpha leader.

Who does Sam imprint on?

Sam was dating Leah Clearwater for years before he met Emily and imprinted on her.

Who gave Emily her scars?

Emily's face was heavily scarred after Sam changed into a wolf while she was nearby.

What is the name of Bella's dad?

Bella's dad Charlie is a proud police officer in Forks.

What is the name of Jacob's best friend and second cousin?

Quil — who is Jacob's best friend — eventually ends up imprinting on Emily's young cousin Claire.

What is the name of the Cullen family patriarch?

Handsome doctor Carlisle Cullen is adoptive father to Edward, Alice, Jasper, Emmett and Rosalie.

Who played Carlisle in the "Twilight" film?

Peter Facinelli played the role of Carlisle in all five "Twilight" films.

Who does NOT accompany Bella on her girls' trip to Port Angeles?

Angela and Jessica head to Port Angeles with Bella to shop for dresses for the dance.

Which character's parents own the store where Bella works?

Bella works at a store owned by Mike's parents.

What is the name of Bella's mother?

Bella's mother, Renee, is played by Sarah Clarke in the "Twilight" film.

What is the name of Renee's new husband?

Renee marries Phil, then leaves Bella with her father so she and Phil can travel to Florida.

Which vampire has the power to see the future?

Alice can see into the future. Before she became a vampire, she experienced a similar power — premonitions that landed her in an asylum.

What special power does Emmett have?

Other than his super strength, Emmett doesn't have the same special powers found in Edward, Alice and Jasper.

What is the name of Alice's husband in "Twilight?"

Jasper, who became a vampire during the Civil War, is married to Alice.

What is Jasper's special power?

Jasper has the power to feel and manipulate the emotions of others.

Who attacked Rosalie and left her for dead before she was transformed?

Rosalie's boyfriend Royce attacked her and left her for dead, prompting Carlisle to transform her into a vampire.

Who does Rosalie have a strong dislike for throughout much of "Twilight?"

Rosalie dislikes Bella for numerous reasons, including the fact that Bella is willing to give her life to live with Edward as a vampire.

Who owned Bella's truck before she came to Forks?

Billy Black sells Charlie his truck for Bella to use when she arrives in Forks.

Who lures Bella to the ballet studio by pretending her mother is there?

James — the primary antagonist in "Twilight" — lures Bella to the studio and attacks her.

Who gives Bella the low-down on local vampire legends in Forks?

Jacob tells Bella all about the "cold ones" while walking on the beach at La Push.

What is the name of James' lover?

James' lover Victoria vows to kill Bella after Edward kills James at the dance studio.

Who is the third member of the vampire tracker trio that appears while the Cullens are playing baseball?

Laurent, James and Victoria are a trio of vampire trackers who appear unexpectedly at the baseball game.

Which vampire was attacked by a bear prior to his transformation?

Emmett almost died after a bear attack and survived only after Rosalie took him to Carlisle to be transformed.

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