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In which year were the highest number of total goals scored in one tournament?

The scoring was extremely high that year, with 85 total scored.

Who is the youngest goal scorer in UEFA history?

He was about 18 and a half years old when he scored versus France.

What year was the league founded?

It was formerly called the European Cup.

Who was the last elected president of UEFA?

He is actually suspended at the moment, having been banned from football temporarily.

Who scored the fastest goal in the history of the Champions League?

He scored the goal in just 10 seconds.

Which player took honors for the UEFA Champions League Best Player of the Past 20 Years in 2011?

He is widely regarded as one of the best players ever.

Which host team has also won the championship?

1964 was a jubilant year for Spain's team.

Which German player earned "The Emperor" as his nickname?

He has a dominating presence and one of the country's best-ever players.

In which country is the headquarters for the UEFA?

It is currently based in Nyon.

How many TV viewers did the final draw in 2013?

It was the most-watched sporting event in the world that year.

Which famous footballer did Harry Gregg rescue from a plane that crashed during takeoff in 1958?

After the infamous Munish air disaster, Charlton became one of the best players in history.

How many times has England appeared in the Finals without a win?

It is a major source of frustration for fans.

Who holds the record for most tournaments with at least two goals?

He scored at least two goals in three tournaments.

Which country has the most finishes in the top four?

Germany has eight top four finishes.

Who did Zinedine Zidane headbutt in the last game of his career?

It was a memorable finish to a storied career.

Which year featured the record number of players who scored at least three goals in one tournament?

That year eight players managed the feat.

Which country conceded the most goals in a single tournament?

The team gave up 13 in 2000.

Who holds the record for most matches won?

It's eight matches; he also led Germany to a FIFA World Cup win in 2014.

How many years did Spain wait for another title after winning in 1964?

It took them nearly half a century to find glory again.

How many goals did Malcolm Macdonald score during qualifying against Cyprus in 1975?

His record has been equaled on two other occasions.

Which country has conceded more goals than any other?

But of course, Germany has also played in far more matches than other teams, too.

Which country holds the record for consecutive failed qualification attempts?

The country sets records for football futility.

Which player holds the record for playing in the most consecutive Finals?

His record of three straight Finals may last for a very long time.

How many national association members are in the UEFA?

And of course, not all of them are European; some are in Asia, too

Who is the oldest hat-trick scorer in UEFA history?

It was during a 1984 match versus Yugoslavia.

What is the score of the highest-scoring draws in history?

The 3 to 3 score has happened in three different matches.

In which country was the UEFA founded?

It was in Basel in 1954.

What is the record for most goals scored by an individual in a Finals competition?

It was during Michael Platini's record-breaking streak in 1984.

What is the biggest deficit overcome in a win?

It's happened six times, most recently in 2008 when Turkey beat Czech Republic.

Which team has the highest number of consecutive matches scoring at least one goal?

The record is still 11.

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