Quiz: UK vs US: Do You Know Which Car Comes From Which Country?
UK vs US: Do You Know Which Car Comes From Which Country?
By: Jacqueline Samaroo
Image: Tesla Motors Inc. via Wiki Commons

About This Quiz

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It doesn't matter what side of the pond you're on - the United States or the United Kingdom - there is a wide array of vehicles from which to choose. Both the automotive industry in the United Kingdom and the automotive industry in the United States have managed to climb their way up from humble beginnings, struggle through adversity, and come out experiencing success. If we were to compare the two today, then in terms of sheer numbers and revenue, the United States' automotive industry trumps the United Kingdom's outright. 

This should come as no surprise since American companies like Ford and General Motors currently rank within the top five in terms of production numbers. However, the United Kingdom has never really been a contender in this regard. They have instead, in contemporary times, had a greater focus on sports car marquees and luxury car marquees. Some of these include Bentley, Lotus, and Aston Martin. In this quiz, we've gathered a handful of cars from either side and put them together to see if you can correctly identify where they're from! So, start your engines and let's get going!

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