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With a country as huge and as vast as the United States of America, there are so many places to visit. Where to start, when to start, and how to start? 

Well, first off, perhaps one needs to know all 50 states, their largest cities, their capital cities, and their unique places of interest. People travel to many places for many reasons, so one's itinerary would be governed by what one wants to experience while being a tourist. And with these 50 states, there will always be offerings to satisfy many kinds of travelers. 

But there will also be certain places that will attract certain kinds of people as well. For example, if you are more of a city person, then you will be attracted to more cosmopolitan areas, rather than the more rural ones. Those who like the country vibe would feel better when exploring mountain ranges, beaches, and other natural types of destinations. For those who are into specific kinds of subcultures, such as the arts or maybe music, America offers you so many choices, you will certainly end up coming back for more!

So, are you ready to identify these kinds of places? Let your U.S. geography knowledge kick in here, and go go go!

We know that Alcatraz Island is in California, but in which part?

If you saw the movie, "The Rock," you’ll see how they explored Alcatraz Island in that film. You will also learn that this famous west coast attraction is located in Northern California, as you have to ride a ferry from San Francisco to reach it.


To go to the Red Rocks Amphitheater, which U.S. state should you visit?

The natural red sandstone formation called Red Rocks Amphitheater can be found in the Colorado state capital of Denver. It’s a huge open-air arena where concerts and similar events are held, and can be accessed through the Red Rocks Park in the town called Morrison.


Where in Missouri can you find the famed Gateway Arch?

The tallest arch structure in the world, Gateway Arch can be found in the picturesque city of St. Louis. That’s in the state of Missouri, specifically along Washington Avenue.


What’s the famous gambling strip in Nevada called?

All art forms have already immortalized the famous Las Vegas Strip located in Clark County, Nevada. If you’re good at walking a very long stretch, you can try cruising along its four-mile stretch (or nearly 7 km) to see various kinds of hotels, resorts, and entertainment establishments.


Hawaii is historic because this place was bombed there in the 1940s. What place is this?

Pearl Harbor is the site of the naval base located in Hawaii. There are different kinds of war memorial structures to see there, and you can even look inside actual battleships displayed in the vicinity.


Where can you find the Historic District in Georgia where pre-Civil War era structures are preserved?

Savannah is the city in Georgia where antebellum architecture can be seen, along with cobblestoned streets, well-preserved in their Historic District. Parts of this historic place are immortalized in the novel-turned-film titled "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil."


Florida is where you’ll find EPCOT Center, but in which city?

EPCOT Center is part of the Walt Disney World theme park in the city of Orlando, Florida. If you’re a fan of theme parks, this is the city to visit.


If you want to go to the Windy City, where in Illinois should you go?

Chicago has a great skyline. It’s enhanced by various skyscrapers displayed, such as the former Sears Tower, now known as the Willis Tower.


Where in Tennessee can you find the Grand Ole Opry House?

Country music fans head over to the Grand Ole Opry House in Nashville to see the famed structure, as well as listen in on the radio show there. A visit to the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum is, of course, another requirement for such fans.


When Sting sang “Moon Over Bourbon Street,” he was singing about which city in Louisiana?

Bourbon Street goes through the dynamic French Quarter in New Orleans, Louisiana. The acclaimed birthplace of jazz offers an eclectic 24/7 mixture of various nightlife options, from the laidback speakeasy styles to swinging live music places.


Indiana is home to a famed Motor Speedway. In which city is it located?

Fans of the “Indy 500” race know they should head over to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway located in the state capital of Indiana. It used to be the venue where the U.S. Grand Prix races were also held, which are now held in Texas.


Where in California should you drive through to visit the famed shopping street called Rodeo Drive?

When driving along the crisp and sunny-clean roads of Beverly Hills, you’ll know you’ve reached the famed Rodeo Drive once you see the line of high-end fashion stores, fashionably dressed people along the sidewalks, and the occasional paparazzi hiding behind trees, hoping for a celebrity money shot. Yup, that’s just a typical day in sunny and star-filled California!


This historic city in South Carolina also has its own antebellum architecture and French Quarter of which to boast. Where is it?

To understand the country of the USA better, a trip to historic Charleston, South Carolina, is a necessity, for one can see how such a city – and a country -- has progressed since being established. Some choice places to visit are Fort Sumter, Patriots Point, the colorful Rainbow Row, and the Old Slave Mart Museum, for starters.


Which state has a famous Bourbon Trail and a Derby?

Bourbon lovers should visit the program called the Kentucky Bourbon Trail which showcases the state of Kentucky’s big bourbon industry. Part of this program is seeing more than a dozen distilleries all over the state, such as the Wild Turkey Distillery in the city of Lawrenceburg and the famed Jim Beam Distillery located in Clermont, to name a few.


Where in Texas can you spot The Alamo?

The Alamo, perhaps the most famous and familiar Spanish mission today, was erected in San Antonio, well-known for the battle that took place there during the Texas Revolution. Of course, the most famous hero to emerge from this is the legendary Davy Crockett, who actually died fighting here.


Everyone knows that you can find Old Faithful inside Yellowstone National Park, but in which states is this park located?

Old Faithful is a famous geyser that nature lovers visit inside Yellowstone National Park. The vast park is actually part of three US states: Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho.


South Dakota is home to which famous carved mountainside attraction?

Head over to Keystone in South Dakota to see the famous Mount Rushmore. The four U.S. presidents featured there are: George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, and Thomas Jefferson.


Aside from the obvious state of Mississippi, can you name at least three other states where the Mississippi River passes through or touches upon?

The Mississippi River touches upon at least five states in the southeast region of the USA, namely Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Louisiana, and, of course, Mississippi. Meanwhile, it also includes the states of Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Missouri and Minnesota along its path.


Where in America can you find the National Mall?

National Mall is not exactly a mall in that sense of the word, but a public area located in Washington, D.C. It’s mainly a memorial park where you’ll see the famed Lincoln Memorial and Washington Memorial, to name just a few places of interest there, as well as other historical sculptures and memorials.


Central Park is located in which east coast city?

New York City is where you’ll find Central Park in the middle of skyscrapers and buildings.


Pittsburgh and Philadelphia are two notable cities in which US state?

You can find the famed Liberty Bell in Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love, in Pennsylvania. For art lovers, head on over to the Andy Warhol Museum located in the city of Pittsburgh.


Hollywood is the name of a street in the downtown area of this famous city. Which city is it?

Have a friend drop you off the corner of Hollywood and Highland streets and you’ll be right smack in the middle of the glitz and glamor that characterizes Hollywood as an industry. That’s in downtown Los Angeles, where you will also bump into many tourists cruising the area, specifically along the famed sidewalks that feature the Hollywood Walk of Fame.


The very first hamburger is said to have been concocted in Louis’ Lunch. Where in the USA is this place?

Established in 1895, the quaint restaurant in Connecticut named Louis’ Lunch claims to have invented the hamburger that we know today. You can find it along Crown Street in the coastal city of New Haven.


People who head to the Atlantic City Boardwalk travel to which east coast state?

Atlantic City is a great destination in New Jersey if you like to see their own version of the Las Vegas Strip. The Atlantic City Boardwalk is also a family-friendly destination where you can walk along this promenade by the beach, see many cute establishments and amusement areas, and pig out to your stomach's delight.


In which US state will you find Zion National Park?

Zion National Park, where the impressive Zion Canyon can be seen, is located in the state of Utah. It's best to go to Springdale City within Washington County to reach it.


New York’s famous Times Square is a famous tourist spot, but in which borough is it?

New York City is technically subdivided into five boroughs, and Times Square is in the theater district of the borough of Manhattan. The other boroughs are Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, and Staten Island.


In which state can you find the well-preserved Colonial Williamsburg?

If you feel like reliving the 18th century, head on over to the quaintly preserved small town called Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia, where there are people dressed up in colonial clothing, and would speak to you using the colloquial language of those days. Considered as a “living museum” concept, this is found within the overall Williamsburg Historic District located in the city of Williamsburg.


What state houses the “Roller Coaster Capital of the World”?

Head over to Sandusky, Ohio, to visit the huge Cedar Point amusement park, where you’ll see 17 roller coasters in just one place. It also has 71 other rides located within its more than 300-acre​ space, so prepare aptly when you’re traveling there!


People who want to shop at the famed Faneuil Hall Marketplace head to which part of Massachusetts?

Faneuil Hall Marketplace is a vast shopping area that is as historic as the country itself. Faneuil Hall is actually a historic building preserved in this marketplace district, which is sometimes called the "Cradle of Liberty" because of the role it played as a meeting hall since the time of the 13 Colonies in 1743.


Where can you find the Grand Canyon?

The Grand Canyon is found within the Navajo Nation in Arizona, considered as the Colorado River’s gorge. It’s a preserved place, and a designated World Heritage Site by UNESCO.


This state is the home of Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream Factory, where you can visit for a tour. What state is it?

Aside from being the home of Ben and Jerry’s, Vermont is also the home of the first marriage equality-like provision that permitted LGBT couples to get married. Nature lovers will also enjoy exploring the state for its various nature landscape attractions and features, such as the Green Mountains and Lake Champlain, to name a few.


Pike Place Market is a must-see when visiting Seattle, but in which state is this located?

The century-old public market called Pike Place Market can be found in Seattle, Washington. This historic district also features lots of other attractions worth visiting along Pike Street and the neighboring areas in the waterfront of Elliot Bay.


Independent artists and bohemians like to explore this city in New Mexico. What’s it called?

Historic Santa Fe, the capital of New Mexico, was originally established as a Spanish colony in the 1600s. The city was able to preserve its heritage and culture of more than 400 years, as evident in the existence of Pueblo-like architectural structures and adobe buildings situated throughout the city.


Portland has many microbreweries and coffeehouses to satisfy those looking for such beverages. In which state could you find this wonderful city?

Did you know that overall, it’s legal to use recreational marijuana in the state of Oregon? According to reports, the state also grows some of the cleanest varieties of this plant, which is a product of very thorough laws and regulations governing its manufacture as a viable industry.


In which Land of 10,000 Lakes can you spot the huge Paul Bunyan statue, as well as his Babe the Blue Ox companion?

The folkloric figures of lumberjack Paul Bunyan and his partner, Babe the Blue Ox, are erected as huge statues in many parts of Minnesota, said to have been his place of birth – or at least one of several states that claim this. Legend also tells that many of the lakes in this state were formed by his enormous footprints which left deep impressions on the lands and were later filled with water, forming into lakes.


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