Quiz: The Ultimate Adventure Travel Quiz
The Ultimate Adventure Travel Quiz
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Would you like to see the Great Wall of China or kayak through the Amazon rain forest? These and other adventure travel destinations are only a phone call away. Check out our quiz and find out what you need to know to enjoy the vacation of a lifetime.

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Which of the following are activities associated with "hard" tourist adventures?
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Which of the following are activities associated with "soft" tourist adventures?
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In which year did Leo Le Bon establish Mountain Tours, the world's first adventure travel company?
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What percentage of adult American tourists are adventure travelers?
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The adventure market earned more than _____ dollars in revenue in 2003.
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Adventure-seeking ____ make up the fastest-growing segment of the adventure tourism industry.
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What fraction of the divorces of couples in their forties and fifties are initiated by women?
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What are some of the psychological benefits of adventure travel?
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Which extremely expensive type of travel may be the new frontier of adventure tourism?
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Which hotel chain has begun plans to open the galaxy's first space hotel?
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Which of the following are popular adventure travel venues?
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Which popular movie starring Billy Crystal inspired cattle drive adventure vacations?
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Safaris usually involve travel to the continent of:
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Which of the following are among the top ten adventure travel destinations?
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From which type of vendor can you purchase travel insurance?
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At which type of school can you learn to rock climb?
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In which of the United States is the Wintergreen Dog Sledding Lodge located?
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Which tour company specializes in religious pilgrimages to the Middle East?
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Which events that occur in remote or exotic locations put a damper on local tourism?
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