Quiz: Ultimate Baseball Quiz: 1920-1930
Ultimate Baseball Quiz: 1920-1930
By: Gavin Thagard
Image: Smithsonian Channel

About This Quiz

The 1920s brought about a new era in Major League Baseball that featured more home runs and a slew of players who reached national fame for their heroics on the field. How well do you know this period in baseball? Could you pass a quiz that covers the sport during that time? Here's your chance to find out!

Following World War I, Major League Baseball in the 1920s saw a period of change and development as new rules from this time helped form the game we know today. This new period would be defined by higher scores and more home runs. It would also be defined by the rise of star players. Thanks to newspapers and mass-produced radios, people all over the country could experience games without going to the park. Now, they could listen to their favorite announcer's play by play commentary on the heroics of individual players, pushing these players to national fame. 

Are you an expert on this period in baseball with in-depth knowledge on the history of the players and teams? Do you know all of the rule changes and what brought them about? If you believe you can pass this ultimate baseball quiz, get started and prove it!

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