Quiz: The Ultimate Clothing Quiz
The Ultimate Clothing Quiz
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You love dressing in the latest fashions and have a flair for color, but do you know all about the fabric you wear? Do you take your carpet for granted or do you know all about how it was manufactured? Challenge your knowledge of the multitude of fabrics that surround us in every facet of life. Take this quiz and find out what you really know.

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How many categories are there of raw materials used to make modern fabrics?
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What raw material is used to manufacture linen?
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What is the best way to bring better working conditions and the reduction of sweatshops to the fabric industry?
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How many basic steps are required to convert fibers to fabric?
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What is the first step in the production of raw fibers into fabric?
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What is the second step that the fibers are subjected to on their way to becoming fabric?
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What is the third and final step in fabric production?
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What is the most common way of manufacturing lace from yarn?
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What is the first step that we subject white fabric to as part of the dying process?
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What is the last step to prepare the cloth fresh from mercerization for dying and coloring?
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Where did the earliest surviving scraps of fabric originate?
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Where is the majority of the worlds clothing and fabric currently produced?
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