Quiz: The Ultimate Fighting Championship Quiz
The Ultimate Fighting Championship Quiz
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These mixed martial arts fighters pummel each other into submission for fans worldwide. How much do you know about the UFC? Fight through this quiz to find out.

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UFC events spotlight which discipline?
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How many weight divisions are there in the UFC?
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Which state was the first to enact specific regulations regarding MMA?
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In which year was the UFC's first event held?
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The UFC's headquarters are in which major city?
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Which fighter acquired the nickname "The World's Most Dangerous Man"?
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In what year did Canada decriminalize mixed martial arts?
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Senator John McCain tried to ban UFC, calling it what?
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"The Beast Incarnate" is a nickname for which successful fighter?
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What substance did the UFC ban fighters from using in 2014?
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Which city hosted the first UFC event?
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Who did Georges St-Pierre defeat during the headline fight at UFC 129 in April 2011?
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Early UFC events on TV had a disclaimer warning viewers about what?
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What was Chuck Liddell's nickname?
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Who is probably the most influential person in the history of MMA?
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Anderson Silva was born in which country?
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Which year did the UFC receive its highest ratings on Fox?
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Anderson Silva holds the record for the longest title streak. How many consecutive wins span that streak?
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What is the record for consecutive submission victories?
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What nearly killed star Brock Lesnar?
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The UFC banned which action in the early 1990s?
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What is the upper limit for the weight class in which Ronda Rousey fights?
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How much did Junior dos Santos win for defeating Cain Velasquez in 2011?
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Which UFC event was the first to be headlined by two African-American fighters?
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Which year did Japan host its first UFC event?
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Which TV network was the first to broadcast a reality show about MMA fighters?
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What is the maximum weight limit for fighters in the middleweight class?
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How many people bought the pay-per-view fight between Randy Couture and Chuck Liddell in UFC 52 in April 2005?
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Which year did the UFC surpass all previous pay-per-view records, including those for championship boxing bouts?
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