Quiz: The Ultimate Foodie Quiz
The Ultimate Foodie Quiz
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Whether you're a foodie wishing to test your chops or a more plebian diner looking to expand your culinary horizons, dig in to the tantalizing trivia ahead on the Ultimate Foodie Quiz. No napkins required.

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In molecular gastronomy, what is the primary purpose of using liquid nitrogen?
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The discipline of molecular gastronomy began with a closer investigation of what classic dish?
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In 2005, a Japanese chef put a $1.6 million price tag on what confection?
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What part of a cow does filet mignon come from?
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Foodies in New York City may attend hip "flavor tripping" parties that feature what type of fruit?
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Which of these fruits is best to buy organic?
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Let's say you're in the mood for a refreshing French white wine. Which region's wares would you look out for?
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Wolfgang Puck hails from what country?
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If you were julienning an onion, the resulting slices would be about the size of what?
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If you're looking to enhance your food-tasting abilities, what should you check first?
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