Quiz: The Ultimate Genius Quiz
The Ultimate Genius Quiz
By: Staff
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Geniuses are valued because they're the ones who push human progress in great and sudden bursts. Without geniuses, we'd likely still be living in caves. If you think you're a genius now, we bet you won't when you finish this quiz.

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Which of these geniuses was the first to determine that electricity could be sent long distances with little energy loss using an alternating current and transformers?
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This genius writer wondered if madness might be "the loftiest intelligence," and if perhaps "all that is profound" might spring "from the disease of thought."
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This amazing and religious genius believed that his insights into the functioning of the universe were merely recovered artifacts of "ancient wisdom" from pre-Christian civilizations that understood the principles of the universe.
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The water screw, still saving lives of people in rural areas without access to clean water, was invented by which ancient genius inventor?
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The thought experiment of Quantum Suicide theoretically proves Hugh Everett III's Many-Worlds explanation of quantum mechanics. Which of these physics geniuses came up with the Quantum Suicide experiment?
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This physicist lost out to arguably the most well-known genius of all time, Albert Einstein, in the explanation of why the time-space continuum falls apart near the speed of light because he concluded it was due to changes in "the ether":
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Which ancient Greek genius philosopher was made to execute himself by drinking a cup of poisonous hemlock as his sentence for publicly criticizing the ruling class?
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This genius predicted the existence of the hawk moth (or something like it) based solely on his observations of the structure of the Star of Bethlehem orchid:
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This ancient Kemetic (Egyptian) genius is considered "the first figure of a physician to stand out clearly in the mists of antiquity" -- 2,500 years before the "father of medicine," Hippocrates.
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Who is widely considered the first female genius on record?
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