Quiz: How Well Do You Remember 'Pretty Woman'?
How Well Do You Remember 'Pretty Woman'?
By: Staff Writer

About This Quiz

"It was so good, I almost peed my pants!"

That's how you'll feel after you ace this ultimate Pretty Woman quiz! If you want the fairy tale, just like Vivian, look no further.

Let's travel back to 1990 with the release of Pretty Woman. Starring Richard Gere and Julia Roberts, the story follows a beautiful and witty 'lady of the night' who is hired to be an escort by a businessman. Their relationship transformed on screen and moved right into the lives of millions of Americans, solidifying itself as one of the best-selling romantic comedies of all time.

The chemistry was so natural between Gere and Roberts that they would team up nine years later for the 1999 classic Runaway Bride. While also being one of the best selling romantic comedies of all time, it doesn't touch the classic that is Pretty Woman.

How well do you remember the chemistry that bloomed on film? Can you remember the general details like the name of Edward's lawyer? Are you such an ultimate fan that you can remember the obscure details like the length of Vivian's legs? We're excited to find out! 

This quiz is ready to climb up the tower and rescue you, but are you ready to rescue it right back? Let's see if you're the Pretty Woman (or Man) walking down the street!

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