Quiz: Ultimate That '70s Show Quiz
Ultimate That '70s Show Quiz
By: Kelly Scott
Image: Fox/YouTube

About This Quiz

"Hello, Wisconsin!"

For eight years, you might've been "hanging out, down the street" with the Foremans, and if you were, this is the quiz for you!

In 1998, "That '70s Show" premiered on Fox and would go on to last a successful eight seasons with 200 episodes. Starring Topher Grace, the series followed the young teen, Eric Foreman, and his group of friends. With a dynamic group of friends, the cast was rounded out with actors and actresses like Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher, and Laura Prepon. 

Throughout their 200 episodes, were you paying attention or did you have too many 'special' brownies to remember? We're looking for the grooviest person to pass this quiz!

What does Eric say he loves when Donna admits her love for him? What did the gang spray paint onto the water tower? What kind of car did Red give Eric?

All these questions could only be answered by a "That '70s Show" pro, but there are still some questions even you couldn't answer! Will Eric and Donna make it? Will Jackie and Fez make it? What the heck was Fez's real name? Luckily for you, you won't find those questions here!

For a groovy '70s fan, these questions should be easy, or you might find yourself at the end of Red's threat with a foot in your you know what! If you have "not a thing to do," solve it by proving you're the ultimate fan!

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